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I dunno.. I've been feeling bad lately. No explaination.. I just feel like shit, not physically.. Emotionally. It's aggrivating me.. I can't explain why.. I figured it'd go away by now, but I've been feeling like this since..... Wednesday..? Yeah, Wednesday.. I hate work to the point where I almost turned in my two-weeks notice, I hate playing paintball, I hate sleeping, I hate hanging out with my friends, I even hate listening to music.. Yeah, the so-called bard isn't being his happy self.. It's just a phase I suspect....I hope.
Well, hopefully, a year from now, I'll be out of everyone's life.. No, nothing like suicide. I'm going to California.. Moving.. This is something I'm serious about.. I'm going to try to be a musical performer.. A "Rock Star" if you will.. "Good luck, jackass! You'll never make it!" I know.. But alteast I can say "Hey, I tried.. Did you?" My computer, my guitars, my truck.. That's all I'm taking with me to California.. Roba and Matt (My two best friends) have an open invitation to come, since they are in the band and all.. But well, can't wish for the moon, no? I guess that's what I'm doing there.. Wishing for the moon.. I'm younger than 21, I'm not the most good looking guy that plays guitar, I'm definitely not the best person in my age group that plays.. What qualifies me? I dunno.. I just have a feeling that, ya know, "what if I DO make it? How will that change my life?" And that's what's taking me.. I'll thank my grandparents for making me go to school, for the semester I went, then I'll start working 40 or more hours a week again to move. My family won't like that too much, me leaving school and all, but hey, it's my life, right?
So, there's my goal. I want to make it. I want to be rich. I want to be famous. Most of all, I just want to be happy. :)

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