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I, offically, hate my job now.. It's not the fact that I'm manager. I can deal with that. It's not the fact that I'm responsible for the entire building on my shift. I can deal with that, too. It's at the end of the night. What all you people don't see is me, dilligently counting money upstairs, double checking what I double checked, making sure all the numbers match up.. And don't even get me started on reports. Let's see.. I started counting at 10:30 last night, because I had to collect all of the registers, and get a key for the drop box. And it took me until...1:45 AM.. 3 HOURS TO COUNT! Last night, it took me two hours, with the help of another manager.. They left me all by myself last night.. I still don't understand why.. It's my first week.. I barely even knew how to count the drawers, and they pat me on my head, and just run off.. It sucked, lemme tell ya.
On another note: Everyone reading this (in New Mexico, specifically) is REQUIRED to listen to 103.3 The Zone on Friday morning, sometime between 6am-10am.. Yes, ladies and gents: I, Tim, have won the Audience of One this week. For those of you who don't know what that is, I'll explain it. It's a contest, held weekly, that allows a random person to become a DJ. Said winner comes into the Morning Show, eats breakfast, get a prize package, talks on the radio, and gets to choose a song for The Zone to play. I must say, I am VERY excited.. First, I win three free CD's, next I get to run the mission Smile Empty Soul was in when they played Lazer Tag, and now, this.. Buah-ha-ha. I am a pretty lucky guy. :P So, yeah.. THat's about it.. Feel free (although most of you won't :P) to call in and say "Hi!" Lol.
The End.

PS -- So far, the people playing paintball is Christina and I. Are y'all afraid I'll shoot you? ;P
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